Sunday, March 18, 2012

What fun we had....

It was so much fun watching the demo's going on at the's Brenda showing Deb Tucker's  Square 2 ruler....this is so much fun and makes these little squares so easy.

And of course Brenda 2 (BP we call her) showed off the LeMoyne Star this really makes life easy....this is not an easy block to do because you must, must, must get the points and valleys right....

I was busy cutting fabric so I didn't get to see the demo....but Brenda showed it to me late in the evening....and it was easy.

And of course, as usual, I was doing the twister demo and no one took a picture of me and all the ladies listening.  But we sold several twisters, both big and small.  I really believe that once everyone sees how easy these two rulers are they would jump on them.  Makes it look like you slaved for hours when in reality you can make a big or little twister in a day.

And of course, we sold fabric.  Lots of it!  We love helping customers pick out fabrics to make a quilt.

All during the day Brenda and I kept checking on the blog hop that we are participating in from over at Michele's Quilting are awesome....we are up to 91 followers and over 150 comments.  So many of you have visited Mama's Quilt Shop on line and signed up for the e-mails.  We know that many people are struggling, the price of fabric is soaring and gas is out of sight.  Being able to trust an online quilt shop eases the burden a little.  So we thank you for your interest and we promise to do everything we can to make your visit and purchase a delight.

You created a whole lotta smiles today!  Thank You!

Keep hopping, you have until Friday to visit all the blogs and register for the prizes being given away.


  1. Looks like a fun demo. I have the Lil Twister rulers (and two even smaller) and love much fun to use! TFS

    1. Where did you get your smaller ones...I have heard about them but haven't been able to find them yet.

  2. I just got Deb Tuckers Square ruler last week but haven't used it yet. I'm looking forward to trying it out. I wanted to buy all of her rulers I saw demo'd at the Dallas Quilt show but my budget wouldn't allow it. I have them on my wish list...

  3. The twister block does look difficult. One day I'll get around to this cute block! I'd also love to do the LeMoyne Star one day. I've just got too much going on at present to take on any more blocks. :) Looks like you ladies had a fun day!

    1. Oh just looks difficult...the gang from the shop are going to a quilt weekend in Florida but we will be back Tuesday. When I get back I am going to put a tutorial for the mug rug up on our site...and you will see how easy it is. Have a great weekend and good luck on the drawing tomorrow morning.