Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We're seeing Red.......

Quilt red....that is!  Mama's Quilt Shop started a new monthly group Saturday, January 21st.  We will meet the 3rd Saturday of every month to work on the projects starting a 9 a.m. and working until we get tired....

You will get to choose from 12 pieced quilt projects, 12 redwork quilt projects or 3 pillow projects.  Choose one, two....or as many as you want.  Brenda is charging $5 per pattern to give you copies and of course she has an entire shelf or beautiful red fabrics to choose from, embroidery thread, hoops and needles.

There were 4 of us this past Saturday busily working on our Redwork project and of course some of us chose to do a Redwork project and a pieced quilt....it doesn't matter how experienced you are....it doesn't matter if you have no experience (that's what we are here for, to help you), just come on and join us every 3rd Saturday.  Don't want to wait for one Saturday morning a month....no problem...come every Saturday or any Saturday and we will be there to get you started or help you with any problems.
While some us were working hard...some of us just took a nap....

Angela chose to come and work on her small quilt blocks while Brenda Pitre was there to help her and answer her questions.  Brenda is doing the "Just Takes Two" block of the month program and she has talked me and Angela into doing it with her. 
And Mama was busy working on quilting a whole cloth quilt....it is so beautiful.

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