Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I am still relaxing!

But I did promise to let you know about our mini quilting retreat!

It is really hard to think about quilting when you step out on a balcony to this view.  But after the first hour of oohing...and aahing...we got in gear, unloaded the truck, set up shop and got ready to sew.

It's a good thing we were only staying 3 days!  We might have needed a U-Haul for a week!

We had brought tables with us because it was our first time here and we didn't know what work surfaces we would have, but we didn't need them....huge glass dining room table covered with a quilt held all 4 sewing machines with room to spare.  Ironing board, iron....already there.

We were ready to sew!

Well....three of us did...this one couldn't stay away from the water...

She even talked her mother into getting her feet wet....

but eventually we did get down to work....

well....okay....most of us did....

I made my 1600 quilt out of the variegated fabric and finished a small twister mug rug for my secret pal's gift.....

BP started and finished this precious child's quilt called 8 is Just Enough (you can find the pattern at Mama's Quilt Shop)
and Brenda.....started and almost finished this...Zanzibar....

It is beautiful and you can buy the kit in the shop.  Thank goodness the master bedroom was large enough for her and I to lay out quilt tops on the floor so we could see them as we put them together.

I laid out and got half way finished with this bright and cheerful quilt for a shop sample...
this is one of the Take 5 patterns from the great book by Kathy Brown of the Teacher's Pet.

This weekend I will put the 6 inch border on it and it will be ready to go.  This kit can also be bought at the shop and on the website.

We were leaving at noon on Tuesday to  head back to the real world and I always get up earlier than everyone I took my coffee and walked the beach to snap a few last pictures.  Anyone that knows me....knows I love any body of water attached to a beach....and I have tons of pictures to prove it.....

And this little guy was there to say goodbye......I think!


  1. Looks like so much fun and isn't it great you can still relax? And love your photos of the beach. That bird might be some type of Booty?

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous time on your quilt retreat - how fun! Some beautiful quilts there too! :)

  3. I love your site!! I also have a place at Holden's Beach in NC. I just started a blog, come on over and join me.