Thursday, May 31, 2012

Quilters.... get ready, there's a clearance coming.....

I did it! 

I talked Brenda at Mama's Quilt Shop into having a clearance sale!  I am going to give you a sneak peek....then starting June 1st....let the fur fly!  Now these are not the newest fabrics, but they are beautiful and may be just what you are looking for at a great clearance price!  I know for a fact that she is working on some fat quarter bundles of these beautiful floral fabrics at a ridiculously low price.  These are going to be limited so you will want to check back weekly or even daily to see what she is coming up with.  She has so many new fabrics coming in....something has got to go!

Starting tomorrow,

June 1st,

jump over to Mama's Quilt Shop, and see what the deal is going to be! 
She wouldn't tell me....she said I would have to wait just like everyone else!  (Of course that could be see that fabric in the bottom picture on the right....I screamed I want all of it!)  She hinted at fat quarter packages as low as $2.00 per fat quarter, free shipping if you buy 2 or more bundles and a free gift with the purchase of 3 or more! 
She was thinking so fast, I couldn't keep up!

Give us your thoughts

.....she is going to be having sales all month....florals, children's fabric, solids....
when you buy fabric, do you like fat quarters, half yards, full yards, kits....
tell us what you would like to see......
every Saturday I am going to pick one winner from that week's posts and send them a free gift....could be a book, a selection of FQ's, a yard of fabric or a tool! 

What are you waiting on....

....leave me a post and next Saturday, June 8th, I will pick a winner of 5 FQ from this beautiful floral collection.

Want a second chance to win?  Tell others about the sale on your blog and come back and tell us about it.  I'll put your name in the hat again!


  1. Eu também quero tudo,mas o 1 não gosto de tecidos em

    1. Thank you for posting so quickly...I was so surprised when I checked my e-mail. Good luck on my give-a-way and don't forget to check out the sale starting tomorrow.

  2. You have to love a good sale!! I love to buy fat quarters and half yard cuts most of all (love variety), but I also need to stick up on some possible quilt backing material.

  3. I will definitely pass on to Brenda about the half-yard cuts and the backing. Thank you for posting so quickly, made my day!

  4. When it comes to floral prints, I buy one yard cuts. If the scale is larger, more than one yard cuts. I like to use floral prints for borders and backings. ~Mary in Texas

  5. I don't actually tend to buy many floral fabrics as I usually buy my fabric for specific projects. I don't keep much of a stash around the house. But florals are great for backings.
    Thanks for letting me know about the sale!

  6. I dont buy a lot of florals unless they are big and bold and bright. But I could use some for the doll quilts I have been swapping.

  7. $2.00 fat quarters - what a bargain! I love it all! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I blogged about Mama's Quilt Shop clearance at

  9. Thanks for introducing me to Mama's Quilt Shop. Had not visited there before. These are definitely some lovely florals!