Sunday, October 21, 2012

We have a winner!

Actually we had one yesterday....but the internet decided not to cooperate so I could post!
So without any more delay:

I started with rag quilts...but now am hooked on piecing...or trying to piece larger quilts!!
The book looks like something fun to try..thanks for the giveaway!
And I only wish I was going to Houston! So jealous!! Have an amazing time!! And then tell us all about it! :)

Congratulations Flo!  I am one of your followers from my blog and I so enjoy reading your posts.  I look forward to seeing what you do with the book Turning Twenty Slapplique by Tricia Cribbs and the fabric to make this block...

And I want ya'll to know that I took my camera yesterday so that I could take pictures at the shop...and when I got home realized I hadn't taken a one!  We were working like crazy preparing quilt kits to take to the show....and then I realized that I had put "less than 3 weeks we are going to market".  Well I don't know what calendar I was looking at but it was actually less than 11 days before we leave.  OMG!  I have to wash clothes, pack, finish up everything at my "real" job and make arrangements for everything at my house to be taken care of.....EIGHT DAYS in Houston....this means I have to pack double of everything I usually pack and sack up twice as much cat food as I normally get ready.  (I have a lot of feral cats out of doors that I feed and I can't let them not eat while I am gone.)

But good things happened too!  BP who has been feeling a little under the weather rode with me to the quilt shop and brought the quilt she had finished for the shop sample....wait til you see it!  I promise I will go by today or tomorrow and take a picture.  It is beautiful.  She whipped out her little featherweight and went to work on her tiny blocks of last year's BOM.

Patti (our little energizer bunny) was cutting fabric and packaging quilt kits with the help of Nydia.  Then when they took a break after lunch I taught both of them how to make a twister mug rugs.  Patti is leaving to go on another quilt retreat and she cut out all of the fabric she needed to sew up while she was there.

Mike was back to pick up his two quilts that Beth finished machine quilting for him and to make the binding for them so he could bind them on the plane home for a visit with his family and to see his new grandbaby.

Brenda had a family reunion to go to but she got us started and then helped us finish up when she got home.

We are going to have some beautiful quilt kits for sale in Houston.  But we are going to market too!  So we can bring back lots of ideas for 2013 at the shop.  I am so excited.  I always put too much on my plate after going to market.  So many talented beautiful people go to the festival.

Thanks to everyone who entered our contest and please keep visiting us to see what is happening.


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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I am so excited! I have just dabbled in appliqué, an this looks like something really fun to try!
    Have a great time in Houston...I will be busy with my new book :)