Thursday, January 17, 2013

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Well the "In Your Words" blog hop is officially over.  I am kinda sad...I was so enjoying everyone's projects.  I added several ideas to my list. 
I so appreciate all of your kind words and I hope that I managed to answer everyone's emails.  Forgive me if I missed you...but I read every one.  Some made me laugh, some made me cry, but each one was a gift. 
I promised a "smile" bag to one lucky person and that person is Joyce Carter from Demorest, Georgia!  Joyce I have sent you an e-mail requesting your snail mail address. 
I wanted to send a gift to everyone who left me a comment but I can't.  However, some of you touched my heart in a big way.  You shared your pain, your joys, your memories and your prayers with me and I am so grateful. 
Three of you asked me where you could get the panel....well, guess what!  Brenda at Mamas Quilt Shop still had 3 of those panels in the store and I bought them all. 
So Sharon at Vrooman's Quilts,
if you haven't visited this inspiring blog, jump on over there.  I promise you will come away with smiles and ideas.
Sandra in Stratford, Ontario, doesn't list any blog, but wrote:
Bless you Martha, I had Cancer seven years ago and had a double mastectomy I was 63 and my daughter was having my first Grandchild. My daughter has diabetes and she had just lost one baby at 27 weeks so I had to help her and never mind this pesky old cancer. Fortunately I didn't need Chemo. My daughter was in hospital for 5 months and them had our little Jonah who is our light and he was born blind. I needed to be alive for both of them so here I am 7 years later still cancer free. I had my days that were hard but God was always behind me. We moved to live closer to our daughter and Grandson because she had to go on dialysis and I look after Jonah three days a week and I am thankful that I am able to and I pray that the cancer won't come back but I will to deal with it if it does. I think attitude and faith has a lot to do with how cancer goes and yours is beautiful. I love your panel and what you wrote after about cancer. Thanks for sharing your story with us. I live in Canada and have never seen this panel is there anywhere i could find it on line.
Blessing Sandra
 be watching your mailboxes...your panel will be on the way this week.
A special shout out to Deb at Living on Air
You know... My mother used to say, "If everyone were to sit in a circle and place their troubles in the middle of the table, you would gladly take back your own". How true!!! After reading your post I had to sit and think a moment.
I was diagnosed with PTSD, after my husband passed away from an 8 year battle with ALS. It has been rough going for me for the past 5 years. However, your post made me realize that my life/health has never been compromised... just my mental state. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

Deb Hathaway
Love what her mother said to her!  And it is so true.  I always find that when I am having one of my own personal little pitty parties (and yes, I do have them occasionally) God sends me a reminder that there is always someone who has it worse than me.  Check out Deb's blog, you will be inspired.
Thank you all so much, I have been so blessed by your comments and stories.
If you have time jump over to my personal blog
and see what's next on my list.
Keep Dancing!

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  1. Thank you so much, Martha, for this beautiful gift.I am glad that I found your blog. I have enjoyed reading it and seeing the things that you make. I feel truly blessed to have found you.